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premier nikita khrushchev took an unprecedented two week two our o the u.s peter carlson recounts that trip with khrhchev's son, sergei on after words, part of c-span2's booktv weekend. >> douglas dav appeared on booknotes in 1993o discuss his book, "the five myths of television power" or why the medium is not the message, publishedy simon & schuster. he explained his exploration into the attitudes preserving the five commonly held assumptions about americand television this is an hour. c-an: douglas davis, can you name the five myths of televisi power? >> guest: of course, the major myth is the one we all talk about, and that is that tv dominates our political decision-making. the second myth,hich is one i suppose that anizes ople the most, and that is that tv is reducing our kids,ur students, the third myth, which is a little more complicated and more fun, is, we often hear that we, the public, prefer this made-up reality that network television has been giving us for some years, to the real reality, which i believe is totally false, ocourse. the fourth myth is actuallythe easie
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1